Koen Daems

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You wonder: what is it then that I do? I bring you a mixture of: 

Through all these actions, I enable your change, making it real and sustainable.

About CambiaVita

CambiaVita : to enable your change
Cambiare = Change
Vita = Life


Believe it or not: I'm a PhD in Astronomy. Observing and analysing is what I'm good at.

It took a few changes to get from there to here. It took a few transformations. Change and Transformation is what I'm good at. Even though I fear it.

As everybody does.

That's why it usually takes a crisis to force you to make that change that you so direly crave for. A real good crisis, one in which external and internal forces seem to work against you, at exactly the same time. Those are the moments when things actually matter, those are the moments that will trigger change.

I've gone through a few of them. And I've learned to embrace them, to realize that in the end, change is good. More than that: change is the only way to survive.

And deep inside, you know that too.

Through the years, I've transformed from observer to talker to engager to enabler.

It took me a few years of experience, a few grey hairs (some will call it white), some training programs, some certifications – all to support the magical concept of ‘change’. Mine, and yours.

My customers call me Digital Enabler, or they will call me Digital Coach, some hire me as Organization Coach (which I am by the way, via Better Minds at Work), some will just call me simply Advisor. The title is not important – what I do is…

To enable your change.


If all that's not enough, I'm always open to go and have a coffee and discuss General Relativity, or the Deeper Meaning of Life. Oh, and I want my coffee black please, no sugar, no milk